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What is a friend? A Caretaker's Perspective

What is a friend? A friend, by definition, is “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.” The truest of friends share more than mutual affection, however. These friends include those irreplaceable people who are more strongly embedded in your life and in your heart than others. They are by your side throughout all of life’s ups and downs, no matter their own troubles or woes.

Deep friendship is built upon mutual trust and respect. It includes enduring esteem, confidence, and care between two people. A true friend listens with deep interest and intent, without judgement or solution. They rejoice with you, they cry with you, they support you no matter what - always. These friends are the ones who accept you for all that you are. You always know that you are important to them and that they will do anything for you.

What is an imposition? The definition states that an imposition is a “a thing that is imposed, in particular an unfair or unwelcome demand or burden.”

If true friendship includes a level of unending encouragement and selflessness, then there can be no unwelcome “demands or burdens” placed upon the requested by their true friend.

Deep friendship requires each friend to believe that they can call upon the other for help and support, not just in the good times of life, but in the hardest and most difficult times. A true friendship is knowing someone has your back, no matter what. A true friend will always watch out for you and ensure you are safe, feel supported, and are loved.

Translation: Nothing you need from me or ask of me is considered an imposition. If you need me there, ask. If you want me there, ask. For whatever you need/want – whenever. This shitty hand you have been dealt in life is 100% something you should not endure alone.

I am that true friend who has your back, no matter what. I am that true friend who will always watch out for you and ensure you are safe, feel supported, and are loved.

I am your caretaker. I am your friend.




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