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The Haiku_ALS, Grief, and Friendship

ALS, Grief and Friendship

By Juan Reyes

ALS, three letters spelling death 

Living life while running out of time 

The clock chimes, eternal rest


A joy stick in hand 

Destinations to explore, have I been before 

My mind takes me there 


Memories of these flavors linger 

Notes of bitter life, tastes like loss

Nourishment for body and soul 


Eyes that care and give 

Body that demands too much of you 

Heart shatters when rest arrives 


Condemned, my body the prison 

The walls atrophy daily, crushing my soul 

No reprieve, parole or pardon

By Cristy Hardin

Grief, acceptance, rejection,

Adjusting to new and old,

Tears reveal sadness.

Shifting sands beneath,

Drifting out to sea, memories,

Forever with us.

Speak, friend, though you’re gone,

Guide me to your heart's embrace,

Words echo softly.

Love in death persists,

Into forever it endures,

Hope, peace, togetherness.

By Emily 


At first we were three,

Then we became only two,

In the end, just one.


He was my father,

My comforter always there,

Until he wasn’t. 


ALS linked us,

It started with a wheelchair,

It ended as friends.

Dragon Fly

When I drove to work,

You guided me, dragon fly,

Always by my side. 

By Liz Fassler

M3 Corpus

Body caressing,

Standing, sitting, and between,

My point of view now.


You are a picture,

Stories, connections, shared grief,

Now we are ALS friends.

Looking for the right emoji

So rigid, compact,

Saying so much, so quickly

Haiku loathing, me.

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