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Good Heartbreak

My daughter is married now, tonight was her wedding, this is a good heartbreak. My heart is full, and I am proud of my little girl, my young lady. As she begins this new period of her life with her husband, I bestow a blessing. A blessing for joy, compassion, and understanding for each other.

I am blessed to be her father. Her husband is blessed to be her partner now. Our entire family and our community shared in the preparation and celebration of their nuptials. This was in fact a village that sent her off to begin this new chapter. Our hearts are full, but broken… in a good way.

The evening went well, guests mingling and enjoying their dinner and drinks. A huge hit, surprisingly, was the Mexican Candy Bar. Traditional treats of all sorts, allowing purveyors to peruse potential picks of palatable confections. A sugar high soon had by all partakers.

And then came the toast’s, oh the toast’s. First the Best Man, a respectful recounting of youthful misadventures. Then there came the brothers, my sons. The eldest went first, he set the bar high. Reflections of his wishing for siblings when younger. He was 14 years old when our family grew from 3 to 6 overnight. Wishing fountain wish fulfilled; mended heart and family complete.

Second came John, her youngest brother and the tallest of the brothers. A sincere recounting of psychological torment perpetrated by big sister, and the destruction of pinky. A supposed tiny pink blanket that he loved as a toddler. Yes he still holds this against her; broken heart forgiven, all is good.

Lastly, there was middle brother, the oldest of the trio. A man of few words, literally very few words. This toast was a challenge for him, given his disdain for the public eye. He delivered in a big way, big… big way.

His affect is very mechanical and monotone. But his message was on point, sincere, heartfelt, and elicited a torrent of tears from the bride and many in attendance. However, my heart was shattered as he concluded with “I love you sis".

The reason being, this young man has never uttered these words, “I love you”, to anyone, not that I am aware of. To hear him speak, and to command the room was epic. This is what shattered my heart, but in the best way. It exploded with pride, love, and joy, so much joy!

The evening was capped off by our father daughter dance, as we cruised around the dance floor in my powerchair. The song, Like My Father by Jax.

“…I need a man who loves me like

My father loves my mom…”

I am broken hearted, but for the best reason. I have happily given my heart away.


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2 comentarios

David Brady
David Brady
01 oct 2023

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us, however I will not thank you for making me cry like that in front of my wife while watching your video. From one Father with ALS to another, thank you for bringing something so beautiful into my day.

Me gusta
Contestando a

I was a blithering mess after the toast’s. ALS has definitely given me the gift of emotional catharsis.

Me gusta

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