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ALS is a beast

In May, we band together to raise our voices strong to spread awareness for ALS all month long. With every step, with every word, together, our voices will be heard.

ALS is mean, it takes with force, stealing futures without remorse. ALS is unforgiving, it claims its toll, leaving behind an empty hole.

ALS is a beast. It’s relentless. It’s unforgiving. It’s unfair. It’s a thief. It’s hurtful. It’s tough. It’s mean. It’s cruel.

ALS, a foe we won’t condone, together we will make its presence known. With every breath, we spread the word, until one day its voice is unheard.

For those who fight, for those we’ve lost, in their memory, we count the cost. But in our heart, their spirit lives, inspiring hope that forever gives.

So let us raise our voices high, let’s stand in solidarity for those who face this cruelty. In the fight against ALS we are bound, with love and hope we will stand our ground.

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