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I AM ALS Support Groups

Holly Curtis

Apr 14, 2024

Resources for support services

As a community of people living with and impacted by ALS, we understand that ALS is a difficult, heartbreaking, and downright scary disease. 

ALS is different for everyone, but there is one thing all people living with and impacted by ALS have in common: the need for support. 

Here are some resources for support services that can help you along your ALS journey. 

I AM ALS Support Groups

I AM ALS offers weekly virtual support groups for people who are living with and impacted by ALS. Each group provides a space for people to connect with others who can relate to what they’re going through and receive emotional support. Current groups include one for all people living with ALS, Veterans living with ALS, primary caregivers, all loved ones, and for the bereaved. 

Consider joining a support group by signing up here:

I AM ALS Peer Support Initiative

Connect one-on-one with another person living with or impacted by ALS to share your and learn from another’s perspective of living with or caring for someone with ALS and receive unique support. The Peer Support Initiative aims to ensure that no person living with ALS, caregiver or loved one feels alone when navigating this disease.Sign up to connect with a peer mentor here.

I AM ALS ALS Support Team 

Would you like professional assistance in navigating your ALS journey? The Support Team’s ALS Support Specialists can meet with you one-on-one to help connect you to resources, process the emotional impact of ALS, access financial assistance, and more. 

Learn more about the program here ( and reach out to an ALS Support Specialist here: (

I AM ALS Online Resource Center

The Online Resource Center is a one-stop-shop with trusted and vetted resources from numerous sources across the ALS landscape all in one place. It includes information categorized by topics, a searchable list of ALS organizations and their services, checklists with questions to ask your healthcare team, FAQs written by people living with ALS and caregivers, and more. Check out the Online Resource Center here:

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