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so when my mother was diagnosed with ALS, I hit rock bottom watching her go downhill so fast.... I got on drugs very bad, and for 16 yrs it consumed my life. I have my life together now. I'm married, I have 2 beautiful boys, and 2 step children and am currently a student at Sullivan University, for Human Resources of Addiction and Psychology. I am a totally different person now, and want to do any and every thing I can to honor and tell my mom's story. I am so grateful to be in this group I cannot say it enough. My husband fell really sick, and lost a lot of weight..... my family has disowned me now because they think he is on drugs, and honestly now in life I could care less what anyone thinks or says about me. My program I work says it's none of my business to care what people think or say about me, bc people pleasing falls into addicition, and I've always been a people pleaser and it's hard to curve your mind to not be!! I just think it's crazy that your own FAMILY You have left.... wants to create so much drama and chaos all the time, and in my life today I don't have time for it.


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